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Dangerous Product Claims

Product liability arises when a product, though properly utilized, still causes personal injury to the consumer. A lot of people get hurt or injured on a daily basis due to defective products or dangerous products. However, most of them are not reported and people who have been injured by defective or dangerous products oftentimes do not realize that they have a right to file dangerous product claims. In California, consumers are protected by law against defective products. There are usually three main causes of dangerous products, and they are:

  • Design defects;
  • Manufacturing defects; and
  • Distribution/Retail sale errors.

In this consumer oriented world, products are literally everywhere. We are surrounded by products from the time we get up from bed, go to work and go back home. We use household products to get ready for work; our means of transportation to work are also products; we use products in performing our work from the tables and chairs that we use to office supplies and we even use products when we eat and do other chores. As you can see, the chances that we get injured due to hundreds of products that we utilize everyday are very high. Hence, if you are injured by a dangerous product, you should know that you have a right to pursue dangerous product claims in California against the party at fault. However, going after the negligent party to obtain dangerous product damages is hard. Aside from torts laws, there may be other contract laws or consumer laws that you need to know before you are able to effectively claim the dangerous product awards that you seek. These complex legal matters are best left to top California dangerous product lawyers who have vast experience in pursuing the designer, manufacturer, distributor or retailer at fault.

Proving a Defective Product Liability Claim

In seeking the best defective product liability claims in California, the product liability victim needs to show evidence of cause and effect to justify the kinds and amounts of personal injury claim. This means that you, as victim of a defective product, should be able to first show that the product you use was defective and the use of the defective product or dangerous product directly caused your personal injuries. OC Injury Defenders's highly experienced defective product liability claims lawyers are very much aware of the difficulties faced by defective product victims. Just to prove that either the design of the product was defective at the onset or that the manufacturer erred in not being able to create the product as designed is very difficult. Designing a product is different from manufacturing a product and these complex technical skills are acquired over time. This is why, if you need to prove that a product was defective either by design or due to manufacturing error and this caused you to suffer personal injuries as a result, you need to seek legal advice and representation from our expert California defective product liability claims attorneys who have at least two decades of experience in aggressively going after negligent product designers, careless manufacturers and deceitful distributors in order to provide all defective product liability claims victims the highest dangerous product compensations they deserve.

The Defect Caused Your Injury

By using a defective product, you can suffer different kinds of injuries from scratches and contusions to burn injuries, spine injuries, head injuries and even brain injuries or worst, wrongful death. A simple facial care product can burn your skin. A faulty kitchen utensil or equipment can cause you definite harm. In a larger scale, car manufacturers and even boat and plane manufacturers can also be guilty of defective products leading to life changing injuries and even wrongful death to the product liability victims. The costs of treatments for product liability injuries could easily reach in the hundreds of thousands, depending on the graveness of the injuries suffered by the product liability victim. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you seek timely legal advice from our very experienced defective products attorneys in California who can help you prove that the defective product caused your injuries. In making sure that you have the best chance of proving your dangerous product claim, our highly organized California product defect claims lawyers provide the following advice to protect your evidence and, accordingly, your product liability claims:

  • Take pictures of the defective product and the injuries you suffered as a result;
  • Make sure to store or keep the defective product as evidence and to make sure that nobody uses it afterwards;
  • Keep the receipt for the purchase of the product as well as the warranty documents; and
  • Call paramedics or get emergency treatments and keep the medical records and bills.

Doing the above simple steps will definitely help you in your quest to have the party at fault pay a high price for recklessly putting your life as well as your family's in danger.

Our Law Firm is here to Help You

Every person has a right to claim and pursue product liability compensation against the negligent party or parties responsible. However, the reality is that not all can afford to hire top dangerous products law firm to help them fight against big corporations who caused them harm. This is why OC Injury Defenders's well respected product liability law firm provides contingency based representation to all dangerous product victims in order for those who have less in life to have more in law. As of date, our diligent dangerous product claims attorneys in California have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for all our clients' dangerous product claims. As a matter of fact, we even provide a No Win No Fee guarantee as testament to our resolve that we will always provide you with top notch legal service and personal client care regardless of the actual value of your dangerous products claims. Don't hesitate to seek our advice because we are always ready to help. Call Us Now at (949) 272-2920 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can E-mail Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

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