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Dog Bite Attorney in Orange County

A dog is a man's best friend. However, this holds true only if you are the owner the dog. For those unfortunate enough to have startled a dog or experienced dog bites without provocation, dogs, like other animals have the capacity to hurt, maim or even kill. If you have been injured by a dog bite or dog attack, you have a right to seek damages against the dog owner. As earlier mentioned, California’s dog bite law imposes strict liability on dog bite owners. California Civil Code § 3342 provides, in part, that: a.) The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner's knowledge of such viciousness. Hence, if you have been attacked even by your friend's dog and you suffered injuries as a result, you have a claim against your friend for damages regardless if he has knowledge of the propensity of his dog to attack people. It is enough that you suffered dog bites to make the dog owner strictly liable for all your medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of earnings and other losses. However, knowing the law does not mean that you'll get the California dog bite claim you are demanding from the dog owner. This is why, in any dog bite or animal attack, the best thing to do is seek legal advice from top California dog bite attorneys who have vast experience in proving fault, obtaining evidence to show damages and legal process expertise to make sure that the party at fault will not be able to escape liability.

Should You Report a Dog Bite?

People don’t usually report dog bites or claim dog bite damages if their injuries are not severe or apparent and also if the owner of the dog is a friend or a relative. You may not know it, but not all personal injuries are readily detectible every time you suffer personal injury accidents. In dog bite cases in California, even if the dog bite victim was not actually bitten but was just scratched by the dog or just suffered contusion from falling down after being lunged at by a dog, it doesn't mean that the victim did not suffer serious injuries. OC Injury Defenders's expert dog bite accident lawyers are very familiar about instances wherein dog bite victims think that they are okay only to find out later on that they suffered spine injuries, head injuries and even brain injuries as a result of either a fall from a dog attack or sudden violent movements to protect from dog bites causing spine injuries and other physical trauma. Hence, to make sure that you protect yourself from undiagnosed injuries and suffer not only physical but also financial pain, you should always report a dog bite. Aside from reporting a dog bite, which would also help provide history on a particular dog's propensity to attack, the reports generated by people who notified authorities of dog bites would be able to provide an observable data which could help legislators and medical professionals alike in preventing or addressing future dog bite incidents.

What to Do After a Dog Bites Someone?

Dog bite injuries should always be taken seriously. Aside from the obvious physical pain, some dog bites or scratches may lead to complications that can be life threaten? This is why our vigilant dog bite claims attorneys in California always remind everybody to protect themselves from further harm immediately after a dog bite accident by keeping in mind the following:

  • Make sure that the dog is secured and will not be able to attack you again by going to another room or making sure that the owner has sufficiently restrained the dog;
  • Call paramedics to get immediate medical attention;
  • Call authorities to report the dog bite incident;
  • Ask the owner of the dog for information on bite history of the dog, if any; and
  • Contact your trustworthy California dog bite lawyers right away.

Although it is not necessary to prove negligence against the owner if the dog bite results in puncture wounds, the same rule however, does not apply to dog attacks resulting in personal injuries other than actual dog bites. When the strict liability rule does not apply, you need to prove that the owner or dog keeper is negligent in not keeping the dog where it will not be able to do harm to visitors. Hence, if you want to be sure that you will not be victimized again by being made to pay for your own treatments, performing the above simple steps would greatly help your vigilant dog bite law attorneys in Orange County in providing the maximum compensation for your dog bite claims.

Why Should I Hire the Best Dog Attack Lawyers in Orange County?

Dog attacks can seriously hurt the victims, especially when the dog attack victims are minors who are not effectively able to protect themselves. Injuries inflicted by dog bites range from scratches, contusions, puncture wounds and even spine injuries, fractures, head injuries and brain injuries. There have also been reported cases of dog attack victims suffering wrongful death as a result of being mauled by dogs. It is reasonable to expect that, with the growing costs of medical treatments, serious treatments for dog bite injuries can reach in the hundreds of thousands. OC Injury Defenders's best dog attack lawyers in California are very much aware of the treatments that most dog attack victims go through in order to be able to address their pain symptoms, which include:

  • Make sure that the dog is secured and will not be able to attack you again by going to another room or making sure that the owner has sufficiently restrained the dog;
  • Chiropractic care;
  • Physical therapy treatments;
  • Radiographs, CT, MRI, lab tests;
  • Orthopaedic evaluations;
  • Neurosurgical treatments;
  • Surgeries; and
  • Post-op treatments and rehabilitation.

The costs of being provided with proper medical attention alone would unduly burden and financially devastate the dog attack victims, not to mention the pain and trauma suffered by the victims while going through their ordeals. This is why our aggressive dog attack law attorneys in California are relentless and meticulous in obtaining all evidence necessary to prove fault on the part of the negligent party and claim the maximum compensation for damages that all dog bite victims deserve.

Free Consultation

OC Injury Defenders's top personal injury attorneys are also responsible dog owners. Hence, we are aware not only of the laws involved whenever a dog bite incident occurs but we are equally familiar with all types of personal injuries that may result from dog attacks. As of date, our highly organized dog bite lawyers in California have already won hundreds of millions for all our dog bite client victims. This is due in part to our at least two decades of experience in providing top notch legal service to all our personal injury client victims to include dog attack victims in California. In order to minimize your worries, while trying to make sense of what happened to you, as well as concentrate in obtaining the best possible treatments for your injuries, our understanding California dog bite claims lawyers agreed to provide contingency based representation to all our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us for top legal advice, Call Us Now at (949) 272-2920 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can E-mail Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

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