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San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

A lot of people are involved in different types of accidents on a daily basis, from traffic accidents and premises liability accidents to other accidents like boating accidents and even aviation accidents. Regardless of the types of accidents experienced by a personal injury victim, fact is the life of every personal injury victim is changed and may forever be affected by the accident. This is especially true in cases of car accidents. All of us have seen car accidents in some point in time. Some are fortunate to have experienced minor fender benders while those unfortunate ones figured in more serious auto accidents like head on collisions, multiple car crashes and side collisions. In most of these instances the primary reason for the happening of the accidents is due to driver negligence. No matter how careful we are on the road, we still can get injured in car accidents because of the recklessness of other motorists. If you are among the unlucky ones who are made to suffer property damage and painful injuries due to the negligence of another driver, you should be aware that you can demand auto accident compensation against the party at fault. However, knowing you have a right and actually pursuing your claims are two different matters altogether. Hence, if you are serious in making the other party pay for all your woes, the best thing to do is seek legal counsel from top San Diego car accident lawyers who are adept at championing the causes of all car accident victims against reckless and thoughtless drivers and their insurance carriers. With expert San Diego accident attorneys representing you, you'll have the best chance of getting the highest compensation you and your family deserve.

What To Do after Your Auto Accidents?

As previously mentioned, no matter how careful you are on the road, accidents can still happen due to the reckless abandon of other people. However, caution is still the order of the day. Our aggressive car accident claims lawyers in San Diego always remind our clients and their families to be very careful on the road to minimize the risk of car accidents in San Diego. Some of the advices given by our caring auto accident claims attorneys in San Diego are:

  • 1) Always stay alert and be defensive while on the road;
  • 2) While driving, never forget to check your speed and the posted speed limits in the area;
  • 3) Never drive if you are sleepy or especially if you are under the influence of alcohol or other prescription drugs that impair your faculties; and
  • 4) Always keep a safe distance against vehicles in front as well as pedestrians who are sharing the streets and alley ways.

But then again, in the unfortunate event that you are still involved in an accident, you need to keep your cool and make sure to heed the following actions in order to protect your rights and be able to claim the maximum damages you deserve against the party at fault, which includes:

  • Calling police authorities to investigate the scene of the accident;
  • Exchange insurance information with the other party;
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident, damage to vehicles and your injuries;
  • Get contact information of possible witnesses;
  • Never talk to insurance adjusters or admit to anything;
  • Call paramedics to get emergency treatments; and
  • Contact your auto accident claims lawyers right away to get advice on what to do to protect your rights as a car accident victim.

Why You Should Hire the Best Car Accident Attorneys in San Diego, California?

As a car accident victim, you obviously may have suffered some of the damages and losses connected with being involved in personal injury accidents like: (1) Car repair and/or rental costs; (2) Present medical expenses; (3) Future Medical Care; (4) Loss of earnings; (5) Other Out-of-Pocket expenses; (6) Compensation for pain and suffering; and (9) Other non-monetary losses. However, as a car accident victim, you should not be quick or hasty to contact the party at fault and his insurance carrier because you might just do damage to your case, or worse, you might even unwittingly waive your right to claim or admit some fault in the car accident. Aside from these, there are other more technical factors that ordinary persons do not understand. OC Injury Defenders' best car accident attorneys in San Diego, California are very familiar in dealing with insurance companies, their adjusters and all the possible insurance contracts and coverage entered into by car owners. Aside from making sure that you claim medical pay if one is available, there are instances where the party at fault either has no insurance or is underinsured. Hence, in these cases, our diligent San Diego auto accident claims lawyers do extensive research and profiling to make sure that we claim the rest of your auto accident damages from other sources if any is available. This is the reason why, in cases of car accidents, in order to save you and your family from further anguish of having to shoulder your own medical treatments, you should always leave the car accident legal claims process to your trusted car accident law attorneys in San Diego, California.

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OC Injury Defenders's top personal injury attorneys in San Diego, California have decades of experience in successfully championing all cases involving car accident claims and auto accident law suits throughout California. Due to our expert representation of all car accident claims, regardless of the value of their actual cases, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for all our clients' property damages, medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and other losses. Don't even worry about the legal fees because our understanding San Diego auto accident lawyers accept contingency based representation of all personal injury cases and we even provide a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients' cases to further assure them that we will use all our resources every time we take on their cases, whether they are involved in minor fender benders or high impact and debilitating car crashes. Call Us Now at (949) 272-2920 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can email Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

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