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Personal injury claim is the claim against the party at fault

for inflicting damages, injuries and losses to the victims of said party’s negligent acts. There are different types of personal injury accidents, and...

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Every person injured due to the negligence of another party

has the right to claim damages and losses as a result of the accident. There are different types of personal injury accidents that happen on a daily basis...

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Car accidents are the most common types of traffic accidents,

which include bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident or even bus accident or truck accident. There are different reasons why car accidents...

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Top Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Remind Parents to Keep a Closer Eye Out on Their Teenage Drivers to Avoid Fatal Car Accidents, Especially During This Summer Season

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Attorney Rodney Mesriani, of the OC Injury Defenders,

warns every parent to be more involved in the supervision of their teens while driving in the streets, especially during this summer season where the volume of traffic is heaviest.

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